302 Skin Care

302 Professional SkincareWelcome to a new philosophy of skin esthetics, a new technology and ultimately a visibly new you.
We take our name from a new compound from the rainforest, a natural promoter of skin metabolism, molecule 302. This chance discovery unfolded after an ethno-botanical research project in Central America revealed new secrets from the avocado.

Today these 302 insights light a new way to better skin. One insight, for example, how 302 prompts and sustains a profound regeneration of visibly declined skin quality touches on much broader implications in our understanding of the fundamentals in skin biology.

As tantalizing as the research is, 302 products solve real world problems. Safe, natural, time-proven formulations target a desired outcome and achieve it.
Elegant, simple 302 regimes of outstanding value demonstrate the cutting edge of regenerative skin esthetics and science.
We invite you to share in our discoveries.
302 Professional Skincare: A new molecule, a new science, a new you

La Contessa

La Contessa Advanced SkincareLa Contessa Advanced Skincare offers incomparable treatments to aid in maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance.Blending clinically proven ingredients from nature and science, our products are formulated to help reduce wrinkle depth and fine lines, smooth skin texture and preserve the vitality and beauty of your skin.La Contessa Advanced Skincare is committed to searching the world to bring you the finest ingredients and advanced delivery systems for a more glowing, youthful appearance.